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Exhibition MIMS Automobility Moscow!

In August 2023, an exposition of the GOS brand was presented at the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition. Under the GOS brand, since 2013, the Turkish company Gecgel Machine has been producing support devices for trailers and semi-trailers and other products for commercial vehicles and trailed equipment. Today Gecgel Machine has a production area with an open area of 8.000 m2 and a closed area of 6.500 m2. The production process involves cold milling shops, a foundry, an automated painting system, and digital computing devices for managing production processes.

The laboratory allows us to maintain quality control and improve production technology. The stand demonstrated automatic and mechanical brake ratchets, calipers, brake calipers, and repair parts. kits for calipers, support devices for semi-trailers. Participation in MIMS Automobility Moscow together with representatives of the direct distributor in Russia, the Karmin-Avto company, provided a unique opportunity to communicate directly with Clients and expand business connections. GOS products are manufactured strictly in accordance with international quality standards. The most critical details are given special attention. For example, the gears and feet in GOS bearing units are produced by forging, which minimizes the problems of warping and chipping often encountered with other manufacturing methods. Thanks to its seamless structure, the profile of the support device body has excellent strength characteristics and resistance to deformation. A homogeneous and reliable welding seam, zinc-phosphate coating of parts, special lubrication of gears, additional coating against corrosion, all this makes GOS support legs no worse than similar products from original manufacturers. GOS support legs are most in demand among commercial equipment manufacturing companies, for which it is important not only to save money, but also to maintain the loyalty of their customers due to the high quality of the equipment produced. A direct distributor of GOS products in Russia, the Karmin-Avto company sells GOS products from a warehouse in the Moscow region and Nizhny Novgorod

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